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False and Damaging Rumour 'RSPCA Paid to Keep Quiet About Halal Slaughtering'

Messages circulating online claim that a wealthy Saudi prince pays the RSPCA £5 million per year to keep quiet about cruel Halal slaughtering methods in the UK and take no action to curtail the practise.

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Brief Analysis
The claims in the messages are heinous lies. The RSPCA has categorically denied the accusations. Nor is there any credible evidence of any kind to support the claims. The RSPCA has stated publicly that it is opposed to the religious slaughter of animals without pre-stunning. The organization is also pressing for law changes to improve animal welfare during religious slaughter. The RSPCA is certainly not keeping quiet on the issue as claimed. Sending on such malicious messages can unfairly damage the reputation of the RSPCA and hinder important fund-raising efforts.

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Detailed Analysis

According to messages that are currently circulating via social media, the RSPCA is being paid by a wealthy Saudi prince to keep quiet on the subject of cruel Halal slaughtering techniques. The messages claim that Prince Faisal "donates" the £5 million per year to the RSPCA, in return for which he expects the organization to take no action to stop the Halal method of animal slaughter in the UK.

However, the claims in the messages are vicious lies. The RSPCA does not take money to keep quite on religious slaughter or any other issue. A spokesperson from the RSPCA submitted the following statement denying the allegations:
It is absolutely untrue that our policy or campaigns are dictated by anything other than animal welfare and science and we cannot, as this post suggests, be bought. We are here to protect animals and that is what we do. We do not support slaughter without pre-stunning, here is more information on our work in this area: -

The labelling of animal products is something that we too are concerned about and we are seeking to campaign publicly on the issue of labelling in the future.
Moreover, the claim that the RSPCA is taking no action on the issue of religious slaughter is easily debunked as nonsense. As noted on its website, the RSPCA is actively pushing for law changes that would improve the welfare of animals at religious slaughter.

And, for the record, there is no credible evidence of any kind that supports the accusations outlined in the messages.

Sending on such rumours can unfairly damage the reputation of the RSPCA and hinder its vital work in helping to protect the welfare of animals. Such false accusations can stop people from donating and offering their support to the organization.  If one of these disgraceful messages comes your way, please do not share it with others. And please take the time to let the person who posted it know that the claims in the message are unfounded.

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Last updated: November 5, 2013
First published: November 5, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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