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Apple iPhone 5c Giveaway Like-Farming Scam

Facebook Page claims that users who like and share a promotional image can gain a chance to win a new Apple iPhone 5c.

Warning of Scam

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Brief Analysis
The page is a like-farming scam.  It is not giving away iPhones as claimed and has no connection to Apple whatsoever. Those who like and share the image will win nothing at all. The goal of those operating the bogus page is to collect large numbers of likes so that the Page can be later sold on the black market or used to launch further spam and scam campaigns.

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Celebrating the launch of our new iPhone 5c we're giving away 75 of them to some lucky people.

To be in within a chance of winning just Share & Like this photo.

75 Random shares will be chosen where each person will receive a message through Facebook to notify that they have one.. Good luck!

iPhone 5c Like Farm

Detailed Analysis

This Facebook Page and its associated spam messages claim that users who like and share an image can go in a draw to win an iPhone 5c. The Page purports to be an Apple fan page and uses the Apple logo.

However, the Page is a typical like-farming scam. The page is not giving away iPhones and no amount of liking and sharing will afford users the chance to win one. And the Page has no connection to Apple.

The intent of the scammers who created the bogus Page is to amass as many likes as possible in the shortest possible time. And by tricking people into sharing the image and commenting, the scammers can further promote the page across the network.

A Page with large numbers of likes is a valuable commodity. Its owners may sell it on the black market to unscrupulous users who will rename and repurpose the page and use it to promote their products, services or agendas to a large audience.

Or the scammers may keep the page and use it to engage in further nefarious activities. Often, after they have amassed a large number of likes, the scammers will post further bogus competitions that trick people into engaging in survey scams.

And, they may trick participants into falling for advance fee scams or divulging sensitive personal information by contacting them privately and claiming that they have won a prize.

In this case, the scammers have capitalized on recent news of Apple's iPhone 5c release to create buzz for the bogus page. The image used on the scam page has been stolen from a legitimate article about the iPhone 5c.

Like-farming pages like this one are increasingly common on Facebook. More of them appear every day. Be wary of any Facebook Page or post that claims that you can win expensive prizes just by liking and sharing. Do not foster the goals of these scammers by liking, sharing or commenting on their material. And make sure that your friends know how these scammers operate.

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Last updated: September 11, 2013
First published: September 11, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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