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Hoax-Slayer - What We Do
We write about topics that are trending online or have been submitted by readers via email and social media.

We thoroughly research all articles published on Hoax-Slayer prior to publication. Our findings are based on information available via a variety of credible sources including other reputable websites, news articles, press releases, government or company publications and consumer alerts.

If required, we also contact companies, government departments, or other relevant entities directly to enquire about the veracity of particular messages.

Our articles include in-text hyperlinks and a separate reference list that allow you to check the information for yourself.

Researching Information

1: The Amazing Typewriter Art of Paul Smith

Email with a series of attached pictures claims that the pictures were created on a typewriter by the artist Paul Smith.

2: Not All Heroes Are People - Daisy The Dog Hoax

This message tells the story of Daisy, a guide dog who lead her blind owner and almost 1000 others out of the doomed WTC towers after the 9/11 terrorist attack.

3: SURVEY SCAM - 'Two Little Creatures Found in USA'

'Breaking News' message being shared via Facebook claims that two little creatures that look just like humans have been found in the USA. The message invites you to click a 'play' button on a teaser image of the creatures to view video footage.

4: HOAX - 'Belgium Mayor Explains Why he Refused to Ban Pork From School Canteens'

Circulating message features a strident letter supposedly sent to parents by Marc Duvivier, the mayor of the Belgium municipality of Ath, explaining why he refused to give in to demands from local Muslims to remove pork from school canteen menus.

5: Q33 NY Wingdings Hoax - Elevens and the Wrath of the Eagle

Email claims that entering Q33 NY in the Wingdings font reveals a combination of symbols that reflect the 2001 attack on the Twin Towers. It also claims that a verse in the Quran predicts US involvement in Iraq and that "eleven" is a number with special significance to 9/11

6: '22 Foot 2500 Pound' Crocodile Photo

Circulating photograph purportedly shows a 22 foot 2500 pound Crocodile killed near a village on Africa's Niger River.

7: Making Popcorn With Cell Phones

Several YouTube videos apparently show corn being popped by the radiation from an array of cellphones

8: Video Of Plane With Failed Landing Gear Landing on a Small Truck

Widely circulated video appears to show a pickup truck "catching" the front of a landing passenger jet with failed landing gear thereby saving the aircraft and its passengers from disaster.

9: Maroochydore High School Answering Machine Message Hoax

Email claims that staff at Maroochydore High School in Queensland, Australia have implemented a sarcastic automated answering service that bluntly points out that teachers are not responsible for the poor behaviour and lack of commitment of students and their parents.

10: Imitinef Mercilet - Free Blood Cancer Medicine Advice Message

Message advises recipients that "Imitinef Mercilet", a medicine that cures blood cancer, is available free of charge from the Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai, India.

HOAX - 'Facebook to Begin Charging Users From November 1st'
Report circulating via social media claims that Facebook will begin charging its users $2.99 per month from November 1st 2014 in an effort to counter rising costs.

Published: September 22, 2014

Do NOT Try to Charge your iPhone in a Microwave - 'Wave' iOS8 Hoax
Viral message claims that new 'Wave' technology that comes with Apple's iOS8 allows you to wirelessly charge your iPhone by placing it in a household microwave for a minute and a half.

Published: September 19, 2014

Fake 'Islamic Rights' Facebook Page Inciting Hatred on Gold Coast
A Facebook Page called 'Preserving Islamic Rights on the Gold Coast' has demanded that the Gold Coast mayor incorporate Islamic prayers into the Anzac Day Dawn service to 'honour fallen Islamic diggers'. It also proposes that an Islamic symbol be included on a newly designed Australian flag. It even suggests that an entire Islamic suburb to be called 'New Palestine' and complete with a 'Refugee Ferry Port and Processing Facility is to be built in the area.

Published: September 13, 2014

HOAX - 'Belgium Mayor Explains Why he Refused to Ban Pork From School Canteens'HOAX - 'Belgium Mayor Explains Why he Refused to Ban Pork From School Canteens'
Circulating message features a strident letter supposedly sent to parents by Marc Duvivier, the mayor of the Belgium municipality of Ath, explaining why he refused to give in to demands from local Muslims to remove pork from school canteen menus.

Published: September 12, 2014

Fake News - 'Ruins of Ancient City Discovered in Australian Desert'
Report being shared via social media claims that the ruins of an ancient city have been discovered in the Australian desert. The report features a photograph that supposedly depicts the Australian ruins.

Published: September 8, 2014

FACEBOOK SCAM - 'Free Harley Davidson Giveaway'
Facebook Page claims that users can win a free Harley Davidson Road King just by liking and commenting on the Page and sharing an image of the bike.

Published: September 6, 2014

Scammers Capitalize on Nude Celebrity Photo Leak
Online criminals are using publicity surrounding the recent nude celebrity photo leak to trick people into following links that lead to malware or survey scam websites.

Published: September 6, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge Death Hoaxes
Social media messages claim that teens have died when large tubs struck their heads while they participated in the ice bucket challenge meme that is currently circulating around the world. The articles include videos depicting the supposedly fatal stunts.

Published: August 30, 2014

False Rumours Claim Joan Rivers Has Died
Rumours circulating via social media suggest that US actress and comedian Joan Rivers has died. The rumours are untrue. Joan Rivers has not died.

Published: August 29, 2014

Scam Callers Threaten Internet Disconnection
Callers claiming to be from the technical department of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Telstra warn that your Internet service is about to be disconnected because hackers have accessed your computer or it has been infected with viruses.

Published: August 29, 2014


Meet Team Hoax-Slayer

Brett Christensen

Research, writing, web-development, social networking, and business management: Brett founded Hoax-Slayer in 2003. He researches and writes almost all of the articles published on Hoax-Slayer and manages the day-to-day-running of the site.

Brett Christensen

Matthew Christensen

Coding, web-development, site maintenance: Matthew converts Brett's articles to web format and publishes them on the site. He also prepares and sends the site newsletter and performs many other day-to-day maintenance tasks. Matthew is attending university with the goal of attaining a multi-media degree.

Matthew Christensen

Cameron Christensen

Coding, web-development, site maintenance: Cameron looks after the mobile version of the Hoax-Slayer website and contributes to web development and general site maintenance. He is studying web development online.

Cameron Christensen

Facebook Admin Team

Our three admins Steve (UK), David (US) and Shevaun (Australia) help keep our busy Facebook Page operating smoothly. Steve, David, and Shevaun give their time freely to help the Internet community and their contributions are greatly appreciated.



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